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Learn How to Become a Travel Agent and Work from Home

Established in 2011 and Training New Travel Agents since 2014
COVID-19 in 2020. LEx. Travel will survive 2020

Become a LEx. AffiliatedTravel Agent

or Become a Home-Based Travel Agent ( with Perks)

Your working in a job that you love, setting your own working hours, as your the Boss, plus earning great money to live. All in the comfort of your own home, working as a Home-Based Travel Agent. You can travel Free or at Travel agent rates, go on a cruise, travel to amazing destinations at affordable prices. Discover our wonderful world & it’s exotic beauty, whilst still earning money.

Learn the right way, hands-on activities, just like in a real Travel Agency ~ becoming a successful Travel Agent

It’s Easy to Learn with Lifetime Support + FaceBook Forum

LEx. Travel Agents course is easy to learn. We provide the Experience, Knowledge, One on One Training, everything that you will require to learn & become a successful Travel Agent.

With our Lifetime Support and LEx. Exclusive Facebook Forum for all those questions that you may have, get answers, chat with other trained Travel Agents, find great deals. We keep your Travel Agency up to date with news, promos at discounted rates, giving you what you need to be successful & earn that extra cash for enjoying life

How to Start a Travel Business

Like any business, you have to register your business with the Department of Trade ( DTI ) in the Philippines. LEx. will assist you with this process, so your new Travel Agency can function legally

Registering Your Business Name

You require a business name, so people can easily locate your travel agency. Choose a name & logo that people will remember & recognize

Capital Requirements

You are required to have some capital, start-up funds, for your travel business, this is minimal

Legal side of Business

Any business should know their legal rights. LEx. includes this in our TA Training, so you better understand your travel business

Teaching New Travel Entrepreneurs to be Successful

LEx. has also been privileged to have trained many OFW Filipinos to be successful Travel agents, booking Flights back home for their OFW colleagues in the Middle East. From Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. Plus the USA and Australia.

We are proud of our achievements in helping so many Filipinos live their dream Job as Travel Agents.

Come and join the family of over 400+ trained Travel Agents by Legends Consultancy. They now OWN their Travel Agency and keep 100% of Profits on all Sales. Selling Flights, Tours & Holiday Packages, No Sharing, as it’s your Own Travel Agency Business

LEx. Expertise

LEx. support is always there for you!

LEx. hands-on training, exercises, just like a real Travel Agents working day, One on One for personal learning the right way, even the Legal side of a Travel Business ~ LEx. is there to assist you in everything T A Training Package. Managing LEx. Travel Agency since 2011. Hands-on Exercises & Training Methods. One on One Training for faster/better learning. Training Travel Agents since 2014 Successfully. Facebook Forum for all LEx. Travel Agents 


Legends Express Consultancy is a legit Travel consultants with great people behind its success. Once you worked for them and became part of a Team, you don’t only have a business affiliates but also a family supporting you and guiding you along the way

Janna Andrea

New Entrepreneur

A special thanks to Mr. Steve and Ms. Joy for the support they have given me during training. With their help was able to start my life long dream of becoming a travel agent. More power to you and to all your endeavors

Danilo Mijares


Legends Express Consultancy & Marketing is a legit business consultancy with great people behind its success. Once you worked for it and became part of it you don’t only have a business affiliates but also a family supporting you and guiding you along the way

Jai Madlangbayan


Booking Flights made Easy

Best GDS/LCC Flight Booking System in Asia included in LEx. Training


GDS / LCC ~ With over 900+ Inter. & Local Airlines to choose from with Instant Confirmation

User-Friendly Platform – Easy to use, book Flights, change anything, your Own Password, you are in total control
IATA Accredited – Booking/Flight system is IATA Accredited & Approved with B2B rates

Step by Step Training made Easy

LEx. Travel Agents Training Package – What’s in it for You?

  • The Legal Side of Managing a business
  • Bookkeeping basics, BIR, OR’s, Invoicing
  • Intro. to Suppliers/Tour Operator Events
  • Invites to B2B / Wholesale Travel Expos
  • Emails, Closing Deals, Keeping Clients
  • Dealing with People / Management
  • Do Quotations, Pricing, Discounts, Fees
  • LEx. doesn’t restrict you Selling Anything
  • Booking Transfers, Cruises, MICE Events
  • TA Training Manual Tips and Secrets
  • Registering Business Assistance
  • Use Your Own Flight Booking System
  • Book International/Local Tours, Holidays
  • Procedures & Functions of a TA
  • Front and Back Office Processes
  • Daily Activities hands-on by You
  • Do Quotations, Pricing, Discounts, Fees
  • Package Tour Costing, Commission
  • Familiarisation of Tariff Codes
  • Reselling of Tours and Packages
  • Social Sites, Advertising, Marketing
  • Phonetic and Airline Codes
  • Ready-Made Packages, Group Tours
  • Who Controls the Airline Industry – IATA
  • Domestic/International Packages/Costs
  • Mark-ups, Profits, Payments, Banking
  • Visa / Passport Assistance
  • Terms & Conditions – Privacy Policy
  • Templates, Hand-outs, Tariffs
  • Transfers from Airports/Hotels/Tours
  • Tour Operator Reselling of Tour Package
  • Lifetime Support + Facebook Form/FAQ
  • and much more to be a Successful TA

Topics above will assist you in Managing & Operating a successful Travel Agency

You can also choose from our optional extras

LEx. will help you grow your TA business

Website Design

LEx. can assist you with your Own Website Design, plus a Domain Name and Hosting at a reasonable cost to commence on WordPress

Website Hosting & Server

Hosting & Servers so people can view your Travel Website on the Internet. 1 year (12 months hosting)

Additional Training

An extra person, associated with your new Travel business is allowed to be trained with you.

Also, Group Training is available for your existing and new staff members.

Terms & Conditions Apply

Travel Agents Consultancy

Consultation for new Travel Agents is there for your benefit. You will always have questions about starting a business?
So book an appointment, Ask your questions, Before you commit to spending your money
Know everything from the beginning, start your Travel Business the right way!
TA Consultancy is FREE when trained by LEx.
A Php500 fee is charged for TA Consultation if you do Not commence training with LEx.

Premium Affiliates

  • One Time Payment
  • Front Office System
  • Back Office System
  • Booking Systems Flights 
  • International/Domestic
  • Vacation Packages
  • Ready Made Packages
  • Types of Tours
  • Visa Assistance
  • Travel Insurance
  • One on One Training
  • Training Manual
  • Handouts
  • Brochures
  • Lifetime Support
  • Facebook Forum
  • Your Own Travel Business
  • and Much More


Since COVID-19 health crisis, travel has been suspended too many International regions, but it will bounce back. So now is the best time to learn about travel.

So the world of Travel will bounce back with different traveling requirements, so join us today – LEx. will survive and be there when you need Us!

Becoming an Affiliate with LEx. allows you to Sell Travel on a Commission basis. Which means your monthly earnings can be huge for a great month of Sales.

Vietnam, Philippines and Thailand will be the first to offer domestic Tours & Flights in Asia. Chinese travelers are already buying tickets to travel in September.

LEx. Travel Agents Training is continually updated to teach the latest in travel, supported with your Own TA Manual for future reference. Plus brochures, flyers, tariff rates, codes, quotations, GDS/LCC bookings. LEx. will guide you step by step with so much more.

We understand it is a big step to start your own travel business so we offer a TA Consultation, so you can ask your questions & know more before you commit ~ T & C Apply

Find out more about operating a travel agency on LEx. Blog – click below for more Tip

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Find out more about operating a travel agency on LEx. Blog – click below for more Tips

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