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We are Legends Consultancy part of the LEx Travel Group Inc. based in the Philippines since 2011. We are Passionate and Committed team ensuring all our customers are treated with LEx 5 Star Customer Service. Whether it is a luxury customized Itinerary or a family gathering, we want all travelers to experience their Dream Holiday.

LEx also commenced training New Entrepreneurs to help others succeed just like we have and Legends Consultancy was born in 2014


Legends Consultancy has earned the Trust and been given the Respect from our peers, travel customers, and new Trainees making us proud that you are associated with the LEx travel company


LEx. offers our years of Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise with a professional team to guide you when choosing that Dream Vacation.

Teaching You all facets of the Travel Industry. How to be successful in Operating your Own Travel Business. We offer our exclusive One on One training for faster and better learning. Plus our hands on training gives you real Travel Agents scenario’s.


We are also avid supporters of our Environment, as we find ways in sustaining an eco friendly way to Tour our wonderful world. By using local people as Guides, (as they know their regions better then most).

They help to sustain an environmental source of adventure in their Tours. Which also helps support local families in there day to day living. We all should support a sustainable future, so new generations can have the privilege to travel and experience our wonderful world.

Our Mission

To assist New entrepreneurs in obtaining their Dreams in becoming another successfully trained Travel Agent, managing and operating a Travel Agency successfully

Legends Traveler

We now have access to over 6 million travel products, tours and services, plus offer flights to over 200+ countries. With new technology always present, LEx. now has a New website for Travel Bookings Online. You can book your Flights, Hotels, Rentals, Tours, Car Hire from 1 secure website and much more, check it out at https://legendstraveler.com

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Legends Express Travel

Attending a Travel Expo event in Manila ~ LEx. will introduce you to great Tour Operators to assist your New Travel Agency

Today is a good day to start your Travel Agency and enjoy your job

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