FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most requested Questions asked

If you have other Questions, we recommend a TA Consultation, to assist you furtherWhat are the requirements to open a Travel Agency?

The Philippines Government has standard legal requirements for any new business Home or Office based.

You are required to submit the following documents by Law for a New Travel Agency business

DTI Registration ( Department of Trades & Industry ) for your New Travel Business Name
Barangay Permit
Mayor’s Permit
Certificate of Registry
TIN ID with Photo

If you are not asked to provide the above documents it is Not your business – you are working as an Affiliate, Sub-Agent, Networking

Register Your New Business Name.
For any new business you require a Business name. Take your time and create a name for your New Travel Agency so it can be registered with the DTI ( Generally you will require a few names, as DTI may not accept your first name applied for ) More info. on this in LEx. TA Consultation

How do I register my New Travel business?

This is done by yourself, to give you a better view of what is required when you own a Business. We do offer assistance to help you achieve all the requirements. It generally takes 2 to 3 days to complete all documentation, depending on the Barangay you register your business in.

What Capital will I need?

Firstly, CAPITAL is the money you are willing to invest in your new Travel Business. There is no actual set amount for this, general 10/20k is sufficient. Just remember, that the more capital you declare at registration time, the more higher your establishment Fees will be!

Are there any Fees?

Initial Fee for Set-up of your Own Booking Platform, are included in LEx. TA Training Package.
There are no further Fees payable by You – Ever!

Can I work Overseas?

You can go on holidays and still continue to operate your Travel Agency. All you need is a good internet connection.

Do you offer Consultations?

The simple answer is YES we do. We recommend you schedule a TA Consultation, so you have all the answers before you spend your money on opening a New business. The choice is yours.

How long is Training?

Training is 2 days. Commencing at 9am sharp. Dates are agreeable by both parties.

Do you do SKYPE?

YES, Please use Contact Us for, for more details.

How can I make a Payment?

You can make payments via Credit Card using Secure PAYPAL or Deposit cash into our BDO Bank Account.
Please use Contact Us form for more details.

What is a Host Agent?

A Host Agent is used by over 96% of worldwide travel agents and is necessary in your Travel business. (LEx. Ta Training discusses more about this in our one on one training.)

Any Terms of Use?

Yes, Like any good business, Legal side of Business is very important. Please click on Legal Stuff in Menu for full Terms & Conditions.

Do you supply a Website?

LEx. can help you build and design a Website for your Travel Agency. Please see optional extras, and contact us with your required details.

Do you have any other questions you need answers to?

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