Starting a Travel Agency

Starting a Travel Agency
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Tips on Starting a Travel Agency

There is no exclusive way to deal with opening a Travel Agency office. This is because of the way that the laws or controls can shift from barangay to barangay but basic rules do apply. Setting up as a travel agent shouldn’t be confused with being a tour operator! The difference is that a travel agent sells the holidays and packages that the tour operator organizes for them.

It’s possible to set up as an independent travel agency to promote and sell these tours & packages. This is where Legends Consultancy can help you become a successful travel agent, and assist you with setting up your new travel business.

Plus, with our Exclusive – One on One Travel Agents Training – Designed to teach you the right way to be a Successful Travel Agent with Front and Back Office Procedures. Offering you your very Own Flight Booking/Ticketing System where you receive 100% of Profits!

 The present market

The present market is continuing to grow, due to modern technology making it easier, more accessibility and offering cheaper rates for travel. This is seeing more and more consumers of travel.

Travelers are switching back to contacting travel agents for a more personal and professional service for their travels. Most reputable travel agents are doing good business at the moment and apparently looking forward to a boom year next year. If this proves to be the case it would appear to be as good a time to start a Travel business now! Around 70% of All Travel Bookings are completed by today’s Travel Agencies, worldwide!

A career in the Travel Industry
A career in the Travel Industry

Who is it suited to?

Becoming a Travel Agent is suitable for most persons. As with any new business, there is a learning and setting up period, that all businesses go through. So commencing your new Travel Agency training with Legends Consultancy will give you that knowledge and expertise to move forward with your own travel business. Trained in all facets of the travel business, will give you a head start over others. Every business has a Front and Back office presence. LEx. will teach you about the Management and Operations of the font and back office procedures.

So your inspiration should be connected with the work and the administration you are giving, shared with your passion and hard works. Offering your Customers Great Service that has that personal, human touch!

Standards and regulations

Surprisingly, the Philippines has made it easy, to commence a new Travel business. As with all new businesses, you require a Trading Name. So what are you going to name your new travel agency?

This is a very important step in business, registering your business name. This can be done online or in person at the DTI ( Department of Trades and Industry). It will signify to the public and your peers, who you are and what you do! Make it short, simple to spell and remember with minimal colors, thus making your future Logo noticeable to everyone.

Learn more about basic Government requirements for starting a Travel Agency business – 

Step by step instructions

With Legends Consultancy, Travel Agents Training and How to Start a Travel Business, all this is revealed in your training. We go through a step by step procedure in training you on all the facets of operating a travel agency.

Training you on a One on One basis for better learning, at your pace. Preparing you to be a successful travel agent. With In-House Training, hand on exercises just like a real Travel Agency. Not just teaching you from old, outdated systems and manuals. 

Every item of training by LEx. has been tested and proven to work, from our years of experiences and Faux pas. Whilst continuing to operate and manage a successful Travel Agency since 2010. There are three very important factors about having a successful Travel Agency. LEx. will share these and more in your Travel Agents Training

B2B Travel Events
Travel Events for B2B Wholesalers and Tour Operators – Your Invited!

Trade associations

Trade associations are important to the success of a travel business – but are they 100% necessary? For a beginner, this is a debatable Topic with no clear outcome. Some travel companies don’t believe in them, in the 21st Century, as your return on your investment is very little.

Others believe strongly in being represented by these associations, so the choice is basically yours – whether to join or Not join. What is actually involved where it counts – from your wallet? This is still a conflicting, and sometimes an expensive topic for the Travel Industry. As you will be paying annual Fees. which can be anything up to P10,000 per year. There is also additional Payments for functions, Events held by the Travel establishment. So the choice is really yours!

Our recommendations are, concentrate on understanding your New Travel Business first. Perfecting the Operations and Management of your travel agency. When you feel confident with your new business, start to investigate the Trade Associations that may help and assist your travel business. As always do your due diligence before spending money to improve your business.

LEx. Travel Agents Training will help you better understand and Learn how to advertise and negotiate, both with clients and tour operators

LegendsTraveler ~ Keeping You Informed

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